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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Two Free USEME scenario and mini-game to download by Vic Dobson

Vic Dobson hits another home run with two more free resources for players of USEME with his scenario 21 and 22 the links for which are in this article.  Puff the Magic Dragon sees a modern warfare game with a super heavy tank returning to the front lines while The Boojum and The Snark is a mini-game of nasty creatures sneaking up on your miniatures in the swamp; great fun.  If you want to find out more about USEME as well as UM001 15mm Science Fiction and UM004 Modern Warfare the sets used for these scenarios then go HERE.

Here are the details of each free download!

Puff the Magic Dragon – Scenario 21.
A neo-soviet super heavy tank is making its way back towards the front line through a small village when it and its protecting squad of infantry are ambushed by a force of Insurgents bent upon destroying the tank.  This scenario features hidden set up for the Insurgents within a number of buildings on the table.  Download the scenario by CLICKING HERE.

UM004 USEME Modern Warfare
Author of the fantastic adaptation of USE ME for the UM003 World War Two rules O.G.Joel has done it again with a set of rules that is intended for ultra-modern games set in the first decades of the 21st century, from Afghanistan to Iraq to Lebanon to Southern Ossetia and beyond. In writing it, it is envisioning combat in today's turbulent world, with high tech equipped units fighting each other or skirmishing with lightly-armed insurgents. This is a world of helicopters and assault rifles, night-vision devices and satellite uplinks, special-forces units and sophisticated terrorists. Many battles await from a few characters a side to whole squads upwards to a major battle.  Digital Download HERE.

The Boojum and The Snark – Scenario 22 (Mini Game).
A multi-player game of USE ME 15mm Sci-Fi. In this game the proprietor of 'Stinky Bobs Bait Shack & Sushi Bar' has organized a hunting competition, the winner of which will get a years worth of cheap watery beer without extra added water … all they have to do is bring back a trophy from the rare and elusive Boojum that lives in the fetid Okelly Dokelly Sewage Marshes next to his establishment … whilst avoiding being head-butted ortrampled by the Bok-Wango! beasts … poisoned by the Lurid Lurgy Beetle … or eaten by the fearsome Snark …  A mini-game for one to several players with rules for creature location and discovery.  Great fun.  Download by CLICKING HERE.

UM001 USEME 15mm Science Fiction
I would like to tell you all something of the origins of what became the USE ME system for miniature wargaming; it will give you an insight into why we decided to publish the system for others to make use of as well as for our own use. In 2009 the lads at Alternative Armies decided to play some 15mm games (sci-fi, fantasy and some renaissance scenarios too) to get us used to and into the whole scale and feel of 15mm miniatures. We did not have any rule systems of our own to use for this scale or settings and though we looked at some of the other systems out there, with a view of getting one or two in to try, we decided in the end not to. Not because we only wanted to play our own rules, far from it. I had played over thirty different games that I had no hand in designing. Rather it was due to the fact that we were all knackered (read this as 'beat' if you are American!) and we wanted something easy, something super fast, something generic and something that we could learn in five minutes and get a game in when we had twenty minutes spare. Oh and some of us wanted a system that was open enough for our children or total new comers to the hobby to be able get into and not be scared off by. I drafted up the original concepts and soon we were lasering, lightening bolting and glorifying ourselves with a lot of satisfaction. Over time this original draft was tinkered with and other variants produced for other settings and scales until back in May 2010 it was suggested to me that we might want to let others in on this 'secret' engine that our own lads were using for just about anything that wasn't Flintloque or The Ion Age. I agreed and here we are.  (Gavin Syme GBS).  Digital Download HERE.

Thanks for Reading and enjoy the scenarios.


Wednesday, 14 February 2018

New Grand Howitzers and Dead Rams in 28mm for Flintloque and Historical

Now that I have managed to stop the Klorzids from biting me (plus several asks for a Flintloque article featuring them..maybe...) it is time for new releases for Flintloque, Slaughterloo and historical wargaming in 28mm.  This time we have three new artillery pieces and a pack of casualties.  Check out the Artillery of Valon and the Battlefield Accessories or read on to see and learn more.  Thank you.

The Grand Howitzer is a medium to heavy artillery piece for your Ferach Empire, Grand Alliance or Witchlands forces.  They fit right in with the rest of the artillery park and would be in game terms a 4 Inch to 5.5 Inch Howitzer.  Go HERE.

59527 Ferach Grand Howitzer
This is a 28mm scale white metal artillery kit for the Ferach Empire. Comprising four pieces which are a grand howitzer barrel (4 to 5.5 Inch bore), a cannon body and two wheels. Easy to assemble and once assembled measures 50mm long, 40mm wide and 30mm tall. Suitable for use in any 28mm Historical system or in Flintloque and Slaughterloo. 3.50GBP per pack.  You can also purchase the gun assembled and painted. Go HERE.

59528 Alliance Grand Howitzer
This is a 28mm scale white metal artillery kit for the Grand Alliance. Comprising four pieces which are a grand howitzer barrel (4 to 5.5 Inch bore), a cannon body and two wheels. Easy to assemble and once assembled measures 50mm long, 40mm wide and 30mm tall. Suitable for use in any 28mm Historical system or in Flintloque and Slaughterloo. 3.50GBP per pack.  You can also purchase the gun assembled and painted. Go HERE.

59529 Witchlands Grand Howitzer
This is a 28mm scale white metal artillery kit for the Undead of the Witchlands or if you wish for a damaged look to your cannons. Comprising four pieces which are a grand howitzer barrel (4 to 5.5 Inch bore), a cannon body and two wheels. Easy to assemble and once assembled measures 50mm long, 40mm wide and 30mm tall. Suitable for use in any 28mm Historical system or in Flintloque and Slaughterloo. 3.50GBP per pack.  You can also purchase the gun assembled and painted. Go HERE.

We have many other artillery pieces in our range including a Mortar and a Three Barrelled Cannon which can all be seen HERE.

Our other release into the World of Valon for this week is a casualty pack which will be of interest to players of Joccian Rats and Hob Goblins of Taffsea...dead riding rams!

53017 Dead Rams
This pack contains four 28mm scale resin riding rams in two different poses.  Suitable as battlefield scenics or as casualty markers for your characters or cavalry units.  The riding ram is the same animal used by the Joccian Hussars and the Taffsea Ram Raiders in their cavalry formations. One ram has collapsed to the ground its legs spread out and the other is on its side and both have saddles and tackle on them.  4.00GBP per pack and you can also purchase this pack pro-painted.  Go HERE.

Check out the riders for these woolly and fierce creatures.  56532 Joccian Hussars and 56535 Joccian Command as well as 56536 Joccian Engineers.  There is also 5106 Taffsea Ram Raiders box set plus 53010 Taffsea Colonel.

I am toying with a Flintloque article titled "Rambo'ne" which features these dead rams as well as other dead animals and rules for taking flesh from them in play and also recovering them for later trading.  It applies to all armies on Valon..well except the Undead.  A generic addition for your scenarios with a built in scenario featuring Joccian Hussars.

Thanks for Reading.


Monday, 12 February 2018

Klorzid toothy plants 28mm and 15mm compatible released for Valentines week

What do you mean your bouquet of roses bit you my love?  
Why is this plant screaming 'feed me Seymour'?  

Now released this Valentines week we are delighted to present from Grinning Skull miniatures the latest madness from Will Grundy.  Klorzids!  If you want killer plants for your gaming in any scale, such as 28mm or 15mm, then these six as a pack or as singles are for you.  You save 10% on the pack over the singles. Hugs from Alternative Armies!  Go HERE or read on for information and for a free USEME scenario called 'Rose and Thorn' which sees the Klorzids facing off against Security Force Alpha in 15mm scale.

These miniatures are cool for Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Modern or many other horror type game systems.

GRNP09 Klorzid Plant Squad
Klorzids are sentient vicious plants which are great in any game system any scale where green things bite back. This pack gathers together single codes GRN66 to GRN71 for a total of six white metal miniatures of six different poses. Standing 7mm to 25mm tall they have teeth and they have rose weapons too. This code is supplied without bases and unpainted.  You have the option of purchasing one pack (saving on singles) or purchasing three packs at an additional 10% discount applied over this or purchase single poses.  You can select your option on the page. 8.00GBP. Go HERE. Here are the single codes:

GRN66 Klorzid New Seedling in Pot         0.50GBP
GRN67 Klorzid Sapling with Flower Staff         1.00GBP
GRN68 Klorzid gaping mouth attacking         1.50GBP
GRN69 Klorzid big teeth with Flower Staff         1.50GBP
GRN70 Klorzid with three heads                 2.50GBP
GRN71 Klorzid wrapped around Flower Staff 2.00GBP

We have a free scenario for USEME 15mm Science Fiction which introduces the Klorzids to the near future universe setting for SFA.  

You will need a copy of UM001 to make use of the scenario.  Rose and Thorn is an urban encounter set on Valentines Day 2041 in Rochester City southern Minnesota where a Bio-Hazard has unleashed killer plants into the restricted park next to the 3rd Avenue bridge next to the Conform Citadel which is the city headquarters of Security Force Alpha (SFA).  Will the outbreak be contained or will citizens get mulched if troopers and their armoured back up fail to stop the plants? Click HERE to download the scenario PDF from our website hosting.

Week Long 10% off Entire Collection Offers!
Each Week we make two full collection offers. This Week until midnight GMT Sunday you get ten percent off every code in the Furioso Renaissance Range plus ten percent off all Limited Editions for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Excellent!

Thanks for Reading!


Friday, 9 February 2018

5030 Slaughterloo 2nd edition Mass Battle book back in stock!

The big brother of Flintloque the Skirmish is now back in print and in stock at Alternative Armies.  Now on its third print run this book gives you mass battle rules for your 28mm miniatures to fight wars in the World of Valon rather than skirmishing with them.  Same miniatures, same basing conventions, much bigger action with generals and massed artillery!  Go HERE for the book in print and as a digital download too.

To celebrate the new print run we have taken 5.00GBP (20% off) off this massive book price until 26th February 2017.  We have also reduced the print of the digital download version too for this period (you always save with Alternative Armies digital rather than print). HERE.  It is a good time to get into Slaughterloo if you play Flintloque or you are just keen to learn more.  It is our biggest book and it is a thing of beauty!  Here are a couple of pictures taken of pages from the book; from my own copy of it.

5030 Slaughterloo
The second edition of the worlds finest Napoleonique Fantasy 28mm scale Mass Battle System. This is a single book 'reduxed' from the sold out boxed set containing all that set did in its three books. Full Slaughterloo rules, optional and advanced rules. All nations and alliances armies and unit, divisions and full statistics on all armies.  A4 Format, Perfect Bound, 168 pages. Colour Covers, ISBN and Barcode. Over two hundred pieces of art, diagrams and photos, more than 175,000 words...AA's grandest book to date!  A stand alone book.

The Slaughterloo game holds immense appeal for many hundreds of loyal players across the world. It perfectly combines the colour and drama of 'Napoleonique' warfare with my predilection for fantasy gaming. Add to this an entertaining and humorous take on our own real world history and you have a lot of fun on your hands. Of course this would all amount to nothing if the game itself was not fun to play. At the heart of the system is a beautiful thing - the Form Roll! This is a powerfully simple mechanic to enable a player to control (or lose control!) of his or her troops on the battlefield This device allows for flexibility of command but also sets limits depending on your troop's current status and overall training.  The other mechanic of play in Slaughterloo much admired was the Order Cards system which gives commanders a powerful tool to manipulate the command and control of the Army. Together, the Form Roll and the Order Cards make for an incredibly fun combination to play with because it manages to achieve a genuine feel of suspense and a fog of war to the game - you are never sure if your risks will pay off or what surprise the enemy have planned.  The game gives you just enough rope to hang yourself with or to lasso yourself out of the grips of defeat! This makes for truly entertaining and fun game, which we think, is why we all play war-games, that and the artful joy and spectacle of collecting and fielding a Slaughterloo Army.

In this Second Edition of Slaughterloo, the Form Roll and Order Cards are still at the heart of the game. These and many other of the core elements of the Slaughterloo first edition game remain within this Second Edition and constitute the STANDARD RULES game. What the Second Edition as brought is a new phenomenon the ADVANCED RULES.  The ADVANCED RULES are the product of the Second Edition play-testing rituals and are the collective answer to the mission brief. How can Slaughterloo game be made better without sacrificing its current strengths. It is our hope that you will find the ADVANCED GAME does meet that brief and manages to build on the sound foundation of the original edition rules to provide a higher level of Slaughterloo play.  Once the STANDARD RULES are mastered the ADVANCED RULES will offer exciting new opportunities and challenges to commanding an Army on the battlefields of Valon. 

From the outset the Second Edition of Slaughterloo game has sought to and succeeded in: 

  • Adding refinement to the existing core mechanics of the game 
  • Propose new rules that impart a greater Napoleonique period feel 
  • Not sacrifice Slaughterloo's basic tenet of reasonably simple, fast and enjoyable gameplay. 
  • To make no alterations that will in any way make redundant already collected first edition Units and divisions of Alternative Armies miniatures. 
  • At all times the inspiration for new ideas has been filtered through this perspective. 
  • It is hoped that you will enjoy this second version; play it hard and with good humour, keep an eye to your flanks and may the cards and dice be forgiving. 
The battlefields of Valon are an engine of destruction, blasting masses of uniformed troops into deep crimson mists. From the Army of Albion, under the command of the Duke of Wheeling-Turn, outsmarting the Ferach Marshals in Catalucia, to the rival Dwarf and Dog Armies warring with each other in the lands of Krautia and Ostaria. While finding victory at the battle of Osterlitz against the Emperor Klaffenhund, Mordred, Emperor of the Ferach Elves, has mired himself in the Witchlands where the never resting corpse Armies of the Star Wraith have decimated the Grande Armee du Norde; the greatest military force ever assembled. Slaughterloo is the sister game of Flintloque and is done in very much the same vein and style. Now you can order the fates of thousands as your characters take command of entire Divisions on the field. From the rumble and rattle of cannon as they jolt past, pulled by their limber beasts; to the snorting and stamping cavalry formations with their heavy sabres and piercing lances. While platoons of Light Infantry such as the infamous 105th Orc Rifles harass the lines of the enemy with their sniping shots and the special units of your Army take their places, such as the Elf Field Hospital, it is the turn of the Line Infantry to shine. Making up the bulk of your Napoleonique Army the Infantry are a multitude of colours and classes. From Line to Grenadier to Militia and Guard every force on Valon from the Orc and Elves to the Dwarves and Dogs, not to mention the Undead and the Othermann has a varied choice each with their unique properties.

As with Flintloque you must choose which side you are to ally yourself with. Will it be the Orcs of Albion or another part of the Grand Alliance, or will you draw your sword for Mordred or another member state of the Ferach dominion. Then you could assemble an Army of your own making from one of the tiny Dwarf princedoms or kneel before the Star Wraith and receive your legion of the walking dead. Do not discount the lure of the Isstanbaal treasure house as a Vizier of the Othermann Empire you can prostate yourself at the feet of the Sultan.

It is not only the make up of your Army and its' Divisions that is your concern as a General of Valon, as with your skills as a skirmisher, it is your command of the rules of war and how they affect your regiments that will bring victory. 

Time to unfurl the flags, strike up the drums and march to glory on the Fields of Valon!

Thanks for Reading,


Thursday, 8 February 2018

Talking About Games video review of Escape the Dark Czar set for Flintloque

Following on his video review of our FL22 Adventurers Party it was my pleasure to view Talking About Games new review of the beginners box set for Flintloque the Skirmish.  5024 Escape from the Dark Czar is a jumping off point for those who want to play some black powder fantasy set in the World of Valon.  My thanks to Abraham of 'TAG' channel and I will point out that we gave the box set to TAG for free but we had no input in the review.

The review lasts for thirty five minutes and covers many different aspects of Escape from the Dark Czar.  They look at the miniatures, the dice, the bases, the booklet and then spend time on the background of the game and the characters.  A play through of the first scenario in the booklet follows and walks through the game mechanics.  It is an excellent impartial review.  If you want to get into Flintloque then this is the set for you and it made me smile that Abraham got that immediately and was then keen to expand his play.

A play through of the second scenario in the Escape the Dark Czar booklet! Click to view. Enjoy this one and see how Abraham gets the survivors through 'Let them Eat Soup for there is not Enough Bread to Live' which is all about collecting vital food from an abandoned Cart (we used our 59524 Abandoned Goods Wagon for this).  Excellent and I look forward to seeing the play through of the third scenario.

Here is more on Escape the Dark Czar and the free resources that exist for it.

5024 Escape from the Dark Czar
The bitter retreat from Moskova is where you begin your adventure. Take command of General de Brigade Hugo Saindoux and his three fellow survivors as they attempt to evade death and escape from the Witchlands.  On their heels are a group of Savant Zombies, the finest Undead in the ranks of the Dark Czar, who are led by Captain Preserovitch.  Their task is to capture the golden eagle standard carried by the young Elven drummer boy Ayers Quinte de Toux.  Will the survivors outwit the living dead?  In this set is a twenty page booklet containing the core rules of Flintloque the Skirmish which will get you playing as well as character profiles and three introductory scenarios as well as the story of the Witchlands campaign.  Written by Gavin Syme (GBS).  

Included are ten high quality resin 28mm miniatures are in the set designed by Sam Croes.  Four mortals (An Elf, young Elf, Dogman and Ogre) and six Savant Zombies.  Ten bases for your miniatures and two percentile dice.  All you need to get playing and to begin your adventures in Flintloque.  You can purchase the boxed set unpainted or painted and based ready for immediate play.  Go HERE  You can also get the booklet on its own as a paid digital download HERE

If you want to talk about Flintloque and see what is happening or to ask questions then join our Alternative Armies Tabletop Gaming Group on Facebook where I lurk and will be happy to talking gaming with you.

We have a new page on the website called Beginning in Flintloque which is quite sparse presently but it will fill up with codes and free resources, such as this review video, giving a way into the vast World of Valon as we release more miniatures and other things which follow on from 'Escape the Dark Czar'.  Things on this page are your start with the game.

Thanks for viewing!


Monday, 5 February 2018

Alternative Armies Tabletop Gaming Facebook Group Random Draw Feb 18

In celebration the friendly group for Alternative Armies and The Ion Age is having a random prize draw which is open to all group members. All you need to do is comment on the pinned post at the top of the Alternative Armies Tabletop Gaming FB Group by saying 'Hello' or 'AA' or 'Ion Age' or 'Flintloque', any word will do. Your comment will then have a number assigned to it by us which will give its position from the first comment onwards and a number in the random draw.

The post will remain live until Friday 9th February at 7pm GMT then, using a random number generator with a short video showing it, we will get our winner. I will then announce the winner on the group and they will have their choice of 40.00GBP or so of our products from either website for FREE shipped anywhere in the world from here in Scotland. Any miniatures, books, downloads etc from either website. Excellent and a genuine offer with no catch aside from having to join a frankly super gaming group.

So get into the group, see the pinned post and then comment to get your number. ONE COMMENT EACH ONLY! (multiple entries from an account will be removed and not count). Thanks and may the most random of you win! 

My thanks to resident Valon artist Edward Jackson for the superb drawing of a Wraith on Fell Beast which will feature with much else in upcoming Flintloque and other Valon books.


New Ikwen animals and weapons 15mm releases from Loud Ninja Games

Back in November a new pack of 15mm Ikwen Hardened Fighters were released by Loud Ninja Games and now these are backed up with three more packs for the Ikwen world of Kwiell sculpted by Eli Arndt.  A weapons sprue for conversions and to add to scenics plus two packs of native animal life which are great for any 15mm scale system. Go HERE or read on for more.  All of the releases from Alternative Armies this week!

"The Ikwen are one side of an asymmetric war against a higher tech, invading enemy. They fight in a less organized, militia style, utilizing acquired weapons, not of their of own manufacture."

RAP039 Silt Pigs of Kwiell
Aliens invaded the primitive world of Kwiell for its resources and got into several wars with the native Ikwen.  One of the prime animal sources of food for the Ikwen are the Silt Pigs and aliens favour them too.  Heavy and ponderous they are dangerous if taken on unarmed with clawed feet and spines upon their backs. This pack contains three miniatures which are a rearing up adult Silt Pig (1), a walking Silt Pig (2) and a base of Silt Piglets (3) in 15mm scale white metal.  These go excellently with Ikwen infantry and scenery codes.  All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.  You can also select singles from this page on the page. 2.50GBP.

RAP040 Small Animals of Kwiell
Aliens invaded the primitive world of Kwiell for its resources and got into several wars with the native Ikwen.  There are scavengers and other animals which pry on Silt Pigs as well as unwary Ikwen and even alien invaders. This pack contains three miniatures which are Thrask which is a fast running ambusher (1), two different Rock Crawlers, one with a shorter shell (2) and a longer shell (3) all in 15mm scale white metal.  These go excellently with Ikwen infantry and scenery codes.  All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.  You can also select singles from this page on the page. 1.00GBP.

RAP040 Ikwen Weapons Sprue
The desert world fighters of the Ikwen are hardy aliens who are fighting to free their world from invaders from outerspace.  They do this with a mix of weapons made by themselves or bought from off world.  This 15mm white metal sprue contains the typical weapons of the Ikwen miniatures (RAP016,RAP017,RAP018 and RAP037) we have.  Add them to your Ikwen fighters or use them for conversions or scenic items.  They are from left to right: Rocket Launcher, Long Melee Weapon, Light Machine Gun, Assault Rifle and Melee Weapon.  Five pieces supplied unpainted and unassembled.  1.00GBP. 

Miniatures manufactured and sold in agreement with Loud Ninja Games. For all of these new codes go HERE to the website.  If you missed the last Ikwen releases then you can see them on the LNG page of the website or below.  Also check out the Ikwen Platoon saver pack and the terrain of Kwiell packs too.

RAP037 Ikwen Hardened Fighters
Over a generation ago, the planet Kwiell was set upon by aliens bent on exploiting the natural resources of the planet. The planet’s native population, the Ikwen, found themselves suddenly enslaved and their society rocked as they were enslaved, put to work and in many cases hunted and killed. The Ikwen have spent decades in frustrated servitude to these invading overlords. We see them as very much freedom-fighting indigenous life forms, use them as alien invaders, allies, mercenaries or even lower tech indigenous forces for more organized warfare. This pack contains (6) six different 15mm scale white metal miniatures armed with a mix of blades and pistols.  Excellent melee soldiers and Ikwen leaders.

RAP038 Zthruk 
This pack contains one 15mm scale white metal miniature. This beast stands 20mm tall to the head and can be used as a creature for any alien world or as an ally of the Ikwen. The Zthruk is a very powerful animal with a vicious temper which are hunted by the Ikwen while a few of the most noble Ikwen ride them into battle. 

Weekly Deals at Alternative Armies.  Each week we present TWO entire collections (parts or a whole smaller range) with 10% off the price of every miniature, book, accessory, limited code and everything else in that collection.  This discount applies on top of those already in place for bumper packs, units and so on.  It also applies to pro-painted options too. A 28mm scale deal and a 15mm scale deal across our Flintloque / High Fantasy / Science Fiction / Historical genres.  They are all listed on the page together.  Deals end at Midnight GMT Sunday each Week.  Start a new army or fill in gaps in your force.  Test out a new collection or sample for skirmish.  Go HERE.  We recommend you check once a week to see if something you want has appeared in the deals.

If you have not already done so we urge you to go to our website home page and join our mailing list.  You will not miss out on all the new releases and fun plus we sometimes have email list only events.  So well worth a look.

Thanks for Reading,


Thursday, 1 February 2018

Mark Taylors own Joccian Rats for Flintloque and Slaughterloo

It is my great pleasure to show off to you the fantastic personal Ratmen of Joccia force which belongs to Mark Taylor.  He is something of a wizard with a paint brush and takes pride in his Flintloque miniatures with which he plays Slaughterloo in unit formations.  Half a dozen photos each with a story to tell.  If you would like to see the Joccians (who are the Scots in the fantasy world of Valon) then visit our website HERE as page two of the mighty Army of Greate Britorcn.

Mark has made some scratch built additions to his miniatures and these add a personal touch.  Lets see what each of these furry fierce kilt wearing soldiers is all about.

The venerable General Archirat Gordon commander of the Joccians in Catalucia. When he rides to the fore the Ratmen will stand against any enemy!  This is a limited edition pack (LE028) to which reins have been added.  He is painted in the tartan of the 44th Foote.

The fabulous fighting Strathcarnage & Killmore 44th Foote who are Highland Rats commonly known as the 'The Furty Fairth'.  A regiment which has fought many battles in Catalucia and in the Goblin lands of Al-Garvey and a firm favourite of General Gordon and of Wheeling-Turn himself.  This is a line infantry code (56502) which comes with troopers as well as an officer and a bagpiper too.  Mark has converted another infamous Joccian (LE014 Angus McBam) into a standard bearer with flag by removing the sword and putting in rod. 

Some of the heaviest cavalry that Britorcn has in its possession.  Known as the Joccian Greys this regiments actual title is the '2nd North Britorcn Hussars' and its troopers ride upon great hairy cows.  They have the reputation of being unstoppable, an image that they more often than not live up to. Sadly, this applies not only to the inability of their foes to stop them when in action, but also to their own General’s lack of control over these over-enthusiastic warriors. Valorous to the point of madness, they tend to believe that they can single-handedly defeat entire enemy armies.  This is a cavalry code (56511) which comes with an officer, standard bearer and trooper poses.  Mark added reins and also a great flag.  The reins look superb!

While the Ferach Armee has the greatest Artillerie there are many fine batteries in the Army of Greate Britorcn and the Joccians have their share of these.  Favouring medium guns such as the 6lb or the long 9lb these gunners are found trailing behind divisions in Catalucia.  Mark's guns are drawn by hairy Highland Cows.  The artillery crew is a full set with the two cows (56515) along with an Alliance Limber (5100LT) and long nine cannon (59501).  Mark has done great work here with the paint job.

The lowlands and towns of Joccia produce smaller soldiers than those of the highlands and while not as fierce they are steadier and more numerous than their larger brothers.  A battalion of the Glasgee Lowland Line flying the 'Slaytire' flag provide a solid centre to Mark's forces in Slaughterloo.  At the top is the officer with musket and sword followed by views of the whole twenty figure unit from angles.  All taken from line infantry code 56503.

You can learn more about The Ratmen of Joccia in two of our books.  These are 5025 War in Catalucia for Flintloque and 5030 Slaughterloo wherein you read and see their homeland, regiments and characters as well as a lot more.

Thank you Mark for giving permission to share these great pictures.

Excellent fun!