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Monday, 18 September 2017

Consolidating my forces in the Witchlands by Andy Jefcoate

Gadzooks! The fourth in a series of linked Flintloque articles by Andy Jefcoate about his forays in the Witchlands. If you missed the first to third articles where he got his starter set and then tried it out followed by a nail biter of a scenario then you can read them on our blog HERE. In this article he adds to his collection with a purpose. With pictures of his own painted collection. Read on and enjoy! GBS 

Consolidating my forces in the Witchlands 

As mentioned in my earlier articles my two forces for the Witchlands Campaign have grown nicely as the fleeing Ferach forces group together for defence and as more of the Dark Czars troops join the pursuit. As I have used the 'Escape from the Dark Czar' starter set and the 'Death in the Snow' Shilling Service Pack as the basis for my initial forces they are a very mixed bag of troops and races. 

While this is great fun and fits the narrative very well, pretty much every individual (especially in the Ferach force) has different statistics and skills. I therefore decided to expand some of the troop types I already had into units which will make them easier to use in the game and make the forces look more like an army. This meant that while I would like to add some cavalry I would stick with infantry for the time being. 

The Ferach Force 
With the Witchlands Dogmen figures it was love at first sight. They are fantastic figures, they are very characterful and their irregular look fits the narrative of an 'army on the run' perfectly. I already had Hulmutt Jucken and 2 troopers so I decided to buy another 9 to give a unit of 12. These consisted of 8 from the Witchlands Dogmen pack 56594 including an officer, sergeant, standard bearer and drummer, and the ninth figure was the Dogman with Blunderbuss from the Valon Civilians pack 54050. Being Witchlands figures they have a varied range of clothing and equipment and look great. In the game they are solid troops and will make a good core for my Ferach force. 

As I already had Colonel Gelure and his 5 Carabinier from the Shilling Service Pack, I decided to add another 4 ordinary troopers to make a section of 10. As they are Ferach Elves they are not the toughest troops but as elite light troops they are fast and good shots, able to snipe at the enemy and take some down from a distance. 

The Dark Czar's Force 
I've found the Werewolf Licantzrop Jagers to be a very useful unit. They are fast moving (as fast as a Ferach Elf) and a mortal unit too, so don't need a Liche. They are great for sweeping round flanks or taking an objective. I already had 7 so bought another 4. With their Vampyre leader this gives a unit of 12 which is much more resilient. 

Captain Preserovitch has already had 4 dismounted Zombiski Cossacks join his troop of Savant Zombies,but I bought another 4 to take this unit up to 14 individuals. All Zombies, even Savant Zombies are better in larger numbers as they can soak up damage and keep on coming. 

Although I already have a Vampyre in the force, I decided to add another from code 55005 the Latrinislav Command pack, and despite not needing one yet I had to add a KGB Liche from pack 55521 as they are integral to the Dark Czars army (and just cool!). 

The Continuing Narrative 
Captain Ludwig Schwarzenbarch is a nephew of Prince Yeltie Schwarzenbarch and wants to make a name for himself in the Witchlands. With the redoutable Sergeant Fetcher he has taken a small section of troopers out from the rearguard to try to find some of his missing troopers but he has also heard there are some Werewolves in the area and wants to face the old foe. He has met with Saindoux many miles from the army rearguard recovering 2 of his troopers who had joined the general, as well as letting Jucken join his section. He has agreed to escort Saindoux back to safety or die trying. 

As elite light troops, sections of Carabinier have also been sent back from the army rearguard to try to stop harassing attacks by Zombiski Cossacks by ambushing them when they least expect it. This has taken its toll on thier numbers which is why only 4 of them have joined Gelure's section but this is also why so many Zombiski Cossacks are in the area on foot as their mounts have been shot from under them. 

The howls of the Werewolves have brought more of their kind into the pursuit, especially as they can sense that Dogmen are near! 

As the number of pursuers grows a further Vampyre has been sent to lead them along with a KGB Liche to insure that the will of the Dark Czar is carried out effectively. As the attacks on the fleeing Ferach Army continue the number of Zombies is growing rapidly as more and more new recruits become available............ 

Next reinforcements 
I've ordered 5 mounted Zombiski Cossacks from pack 55503 and 5 Ferach Elf Witchlands Cavalry from pack 51509 as I feel that both forces need some cavalry. The infantry forces also need to grow with some more regular line infantry on both sides. There are lots of special characters available with Flintloque and I feel that a couple more may soon be involved in my games. 

As always I'll let you know how I get on. 

Thank you for reading. 

Friday, 15 September 2017

Sandworm codes released with free articles and offer!

Looking at a desert dune or grabbing at things under the silica in a scuttling juice like way will have you discovered by Sandworms!  Introducing a new designer to Alternative Armies we have two new packs by Kieran Billings.  Use them in 15mm, 28mm and 6mm and we have them up on Alternative Armies HERE and on our sister site The Ion Age HERE...why?  Well these are fantasy, current day and science fiction so they work everywhere.  We have a pack of five Sandworms in five different poses and we have a single Greater Sandworm too.  They are resin single piece miniatures and we have an offer on them of 10% off normal price until the end of this month!  Lastly read on for details and for a link to the website for a free article for them in Flintloque and in Patrol Angis too.

Choose your monsters!

VNT35 Greater Sandworm
Seen in stories and legends across the globe you must be fearful when the soil under your feet shivers at its approach.  The Greater Sandworm. This pack contains a single one piece high quality grey tone resin miniature which is around 50mm tall and works in multiple scales for any game setting. Supplied unpainted and without a base (shown on a 40mm round base) with no assembly required. Go HERE.  4.00GBP

VNT36 Sandworm Swarm
The brood, the young or just the typical these Sandworms hunt prey through the sands and dry river beds seeking by the vibration of footsteps.  This pack contains five different one piece high quality grey tone resin miniatures which are between 5mm and 20mm tall.  They are emerging from the soil and then attacking.  Supplied unpainted and without bases (shown on a 20mm round base) with no assembly required.  Go HERE.  5.00GBP

If you are a fan of Flintloque or Patrol Angis (or both of them as I know some of you are) you are in for a treat now.  There are two new official free articles for using the Sandworms in your games. Click on the articles to download them from our websites.  I had great fun writing them.  Enjoy!

In the deep cold of the Witchlands the pursuit of General Hugo Saindoux and his rag tag band continues at the Undead hands of Captain Igor Preserovitch but something else is tracking both mortals and zombies alike.  Sandworms will force the enemies to come together just once to survive an attack that wishes doom upon all of them.  Add Sandworms to your games of Flintloque with surprise attacks and reactions to movement.  Get out of there alive (or still Undead)!  Click HERE to download from our website.

Head on over to The Ion Age BLOG for a post and article on Sandworms in games of Patrol Angis 15mm scale space opera.  On the edge of the Dolo Clouds beyond the Mim stellar system sits the dim star called Ymel around which circles one hot planet; Ymel Prime.  Chasing a solitary Dragon Ship a small contingent of Prydian Army troops crashes on the planet after successfully shooting down the Khanate enemy.  Both sides are now trapped on Ymel Prime in the blazing sun.  A dead world...or is it?  Add Sandworms to Patrol Angis with prey seeking mechanics and solo random appearances.

Thanks for Reading,


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Sulphur two new pack releases 32mm scale Splinters and Skinners

Alternative Armies is delighted to present to you the first brand new releases for Sulphur II.  Two packs of four different 32mm scale infantry to add to your larger and smaller vehicles, characters and of course the mecha.  Sulphur 32mm post-apocalyptic tabletop game of mayhem and creeping mists. Go HERE for the range with all codes plus the game book in print and as a digital download too. Read on for more information.

Superbly detailed 32mm scale resin miniatures and vehicle kits as well as a skirmish rules system with a great setting.  Sulphur II!

SSK2 Skinner Squad II
This high quality grey tone resin 32mm scale pack contains four different infantry miniatures. Excellent for your wasteland gaming!  These models are single piece and made for slotta bases.  Parts are lettered for easy reference.  16.00GBP

SSP2 Splinter Squad II
This high quality grey tone resin 32mm scale pack contains four different infantry miniatures. Excellent for your wasteland gaming!  These models are single piece and made for slotta bases.  Parts are lettered for easy reference.  16.00GBP

Go HERE for the Sulphur 32mm range!  Get into the game with the game book in print and as a digital paid download.

SUL1  Sulphur Game Book
A4 Format.  Colour Covers. 68 Pages

Sulphur is a set of sci-fi skirmish rules with its own extensive range of 32mm miniatures including infantry, vehicles and heroes. Sulphur has a distinctly post-apocalyptic feel to it which creates battles between rusty and improvised looking war wagons, ragged looking infantry squads, menacing heroes and satisfyingly impressive heavy weapons. The rules allow players to customise their war-wagons with their favourite weapons and equipment - and the vehicle miniatures themselves all come with a range of weapon options.  

Armies will be led by a number of heroes, characterful individual warriors with their own profile and special attacks. Infantry are divided into a number of categories such as Light Infantry, Assault Infantry, Warriors and Heavy Weapons. Each infantry squad has a particular function on the battlefield which if used correctly will improve their chances of success. Players need to learn how to use these troops to their best advantage as well as how to combine them with other squads in their force for maximum efficiency and effect. For instance, using light troops to identify targets, using heavy weapons to weaken and suppress the target and then sending in the warriors to finish the enemy off at close quarters. Sounds easy? Not so in practise! This means that it is not just a case of the dude with the biggest gun winning the day (although the game does have plenty of big guns!). The right troops have to be used at the right time in the right way.  And beneath all of this the sinister threat from Sulphur, the insidious creeping mist and shadowy nightmares that lie within it - waiting to terrorise and devour even the bravest souls. It’s the apocalypse folks - and it’s going to get nasty! 

SUL2 Sulphur Game Book Digital Download
Get the book as a paid for digital download from us direct to your device from our website.  Add to cart and get immediate link for download upon payment.  This is the same book as the print version.  As with all Alternative Armies titles this version of the book is 20% cheaper than the print version.

Thank you for your support in bringing this range back to the world with us now with brand new codes!

Thanks for Reading,


Monday, 11 September 2017

EH01 The Flower of Evil now in resin and price reduction too!

“My right hand gripped the revolver so tightly that the steel pushed achingly into my flesh.  Beyond the door was a thing of nightmare; of dreams, of madness.  It sat upon the bowing wooden floor of the boarding house with its bulbous trunk throbbing and root like tendrils writhing across the bare planks.  Taller than a man and topped with waving fronds which carried more the look of meat than of plant matter it had seen me kick open the peeling blue painted door.  It had seen me with oil black eyes dotted around its upper body and now it undulated a nerve flaying call.  Was it alone or were there more?  The bile rose in my throat and I wanted to scream at the impossibility of it but I knew that if I began to scream I would never stop.  I was a cop and there was a little girl missing somewhere in this misbegotten place.  Taking aim I pulled the trigger again and again and it was that accursed flower of evils turn to scream.”

The Flower of Evil. One of the first sculpts for Alternative Armies by the awesome Sam Croes and now in high quality grey tone resin and reduced in price too.   It is great for many scales and settings. You can use it in 28mm in 15mm or even in 6mm as it sizes its threat to your other miniatures. Horror Games, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Plant Wars (they are Triffic!) and more.  Go HERE or read on to learn and see more. 

EH01 Flower of Evil
This pack contains one resin miniature in a single piece of a monster plant which is 34mm tall and very detailed.  Is it flesh or is it plant matter?  Plays with your mind. Great for many scales and settings you have the choice of purchasing a single miniature or getting five and we will include a sixth free with it.  Excellent value.  3.00GBP.  Go HERE.

The scale shot here shows a 28mm Elf Assassin from our FL range (30mm tall) and a 15mm Rim Merc Trooper (16mm tall) alongside the Flower of Evil.  These are not included in the pack but shown for scale only.

Thanks for Reading,


Friday, 8 September 2017

A Vast Amount of Free Downloads now online!

There has been a change at Alternative Armies and a new page is on the website where all of our free download files and folders are now situated in one place.  This is over 100mb of articles, magazines, scenarios and more for Flintloque, USEME and other game systems which are ours.  Go HERE for the page or read on for more.  We have also got a new page where all of our paid for digital downloads are located for easy browsing.  See that page HERE.  Thanks!

Free Wargame Downloads from Alternative Armies

Alternative Armies has a huge array of miniatures and game systems. So large in fact that we have decided to concentrate all of the free content for all of the games here on this new page. Not that all of our previous free links on the website and on our blog which went to Dropbox are now defunct and that content is now here and can be downloaded from our website with a click on its link. Additionally it is possible that there are article which exist that are not here; but do not fret.  If you see a reference to a free file elsewhere and cannot get it then please email us on and we will be delighted to send it to you by reply and add it.  Go HERE.

We have the Alternative Armies Free Files Stacks which are Five Stacks (each around 18mb) of zipped files which across them contain material from 2007 to 2016.  Stack One (DarkeStorme, Release Articles, Slaughterloo 18mb).  Stack Two (Slaughterloo, D&A, JOV, LE's Flintloque, Flags and Big Single Articles 17mb).  Stack Three (Flintloque 'Lite' free files, 5106 Ram Raiders, 5107 Londinium Coach, 2nd edition Flintloque Scenarios 17mb).  Stack Four (5109 Sharkes Chosen booklet, LEU and other articles, Slaughterloo scenario 20mb).  Stack Five (Trolls of Valon booklet, 2016 Uniformation articles).  More than 300 articles!

We have all of the scenarios and articles created for beginners adventures in Flintloque using 5024 Escape the Dark Czar. We have the Flintloque and Slaughterloo Latest Free Files. Uniformation Articles, Scenarios and More all from from after the 'stacks'. Bundle (18mb). We have the Shilling Starter Pack Sets free inserts for these boxed sets. We have Barking Irons Magazine No 1 of more than forty pages.

For Furioso 15mm Renaissance there is a Starter Scenario and a QRS Sheet.

USEME Free Materials and Scenarios.  Over 30mb of fun!  Bundle One and Bundle Two with over seventy PDF's.

HOF Fire Team.  Free materials for this grid based 15mm scale game.

Paid for Digital Downloads at Alternative Armies

Alternative Armies publishes many wargame books and systems.  Some of these are in a digital download format as paid for PDF's from this website.  We have collected them all from across the website in one page now.  Just add to your cart.  No shipping, no waiting, just download after payment is completed.  All of our digital paid downloads are always 20% cheaper than the print version of the same title would be.  If you have any questions just ask us on  Go HERE.

Furioso, Sulphur II, HOF Fire Team, Age of Might and Steel, 5024 Escape the Dark Czar, 5025 War in Catalucia, 5026 Death in the Snow, 5027 Grapeshotte, 5028 Beir & Bones, 5030 Slaughterloo and USEME titles (UM001 to UM0013) all on this page.

Thanks for Reading,


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

New Othari plus Camel and Gnoll codes now released

As many Flintloque and Slaughterloo players noticed over the past six weeks or so the Otharmann Empyre, land of the Sultan and the Othari, has been looking a little thin.  Some codes and units have not been on the website and stocks have run out of them with our partners such as Noble Knight Games (if you are in the USA check out our vast ranges with them online) the reason for this was sublime and fun too.  They have been replaced.  They have retained their contents but with changes from white metal to resin and from some models to new versions of them.  All of this updating was a part of our lead into the new projects for Valon but more on that later.  For now go HERE to see the Otharmann Empyre or read on for details and pictures of what is now here.

“Othari of the Otharmann Empire. The proud Ottermen control a vast Empire of mountains and endless sands. They ally themselves loosely with the Grand Alliance when it suits their needs, but they real enemies are the Ferach Empire forces in Aegypt and the numberless legions of the Dark Czar in the Odeatha region.  An army of a vast horde of troops more suited to the Darke Age than the Mordredian Wars topped with the elite Janissaries then the bulk of the Household warriors and then the enslaved Al-Hazrad.  A unique and colourful presence in The World of Valon.”

We have a brand new African Camel in 28mm scale in resin which you can purchase on its own and also now with two different riders one an Othari with Lance and the other an Othari with long Jezail musket.  We have reduced the price of these models to reflect the new medium of production.  Please note the Elf Officer shown in some pictures is there for scale and is not supplied.

57026V African Camel 
This pack contains one 28mm scale resin African camel which can be used on its own or with a rider or baggage in any game setting.  Go HERE.

57026 Camel Lancer
This pack contains one white metal Othari Warrior with lance mounted on a resin Camel. This code requires assembly. The model when assembled stands 70mm tall from camel foot to the top of the riders head.  Supplied with a resin cartouche style base.  Go HERE.

57027 Camel Jezail
This pack contains one resin Othari Warrior with long primitive musket mounted on a resin Camel. This code requires assembly. The model when assembled stands 70mm tall from camel foot to the top of the riders head.  Supplied with a resin cartouche style base.  Go HERE.

In addition to the new Camelry we have replaced the vicious Gnoll beast which the Othari use as a cavalry mount with a new resin version of the model which makes use of the existing riders.  Here are the codes.

57023V Gnoll 
This pack contains one fantasy 28mm Gnoll in resin which can be used as a beast or as a mount in any game system or such setting.  Go HERE.

57023 Gnoll Rider Command
This pack contains two different white metal Othari riders on two identical resin Gnolls.  An officer with Sword and a Standard Bearer.  For leading your forces or units of Gnoll Lancers. Supplied with resin cartouche style bases.  Go HERE.

57024 Gnoll Lancers
This pack contains two identical resin Othari riders with short lances on two identical resin Gnolls. For your units of Gnoll Lancers in the service of the Sultan. Supplied with resin cartouche style bases.  Go HERE.

57511U Othari Gnoll Lancer Unit
Riding vicious Gnolls at high speed these lancers sweep across the battlefield.  Armed with lances and classed as Cavalry this unit contains ten riders, an officer, a standard bearer and eight identical lancer troopers all mounted on resin Gnolls.  A full unit for Slaughterloo. Supplied with resin cartouche style bases.  Go HERE.

57003 Vizier and Guard
This pack contains a high ranking Othari mounted on a resin Gnoll along with an Othari Guard holding a two handed sword.  Ideal for leading your Otharmann army into battle!  Supplied with resin cartouche style bases.  Go HERE.

57004 Othari General
This pack contains an Othari mounted on a resin Gnoll.  Ideal for leading your Otharmann Division. Supplied with resin cartouche style base.  Go HERE.

In addition to the new Camel and the resin Gnoll codes we have updated the flying carpet rider now into resin as well with a price reduction to boot!

57025 Storm Rider
Riders on the Storm into this fray they are born. This pack contains one Othari Warrior armed with a spear and a bow along with a separate resin flying carpet and plastic flying base.  Assembly Required. Supplied with resin cartouche style base.  Go HERE.

The Otharmann Empyre makes great use of primitive cannon which fire huge stone balls at their Elvish and Undead foes.  We have updated the mighty Barking Dog Cannon with a resin body and a price reduction too!

57500A Barking Dog Heavy Cannon
The Artillery of the Otharmann Empyre is known as the 'Barking Dogs'.  Big and slow cannons that often fire stone balls as well as iron.  This is a specialised artillery piece. One Othari archaic cannon body in resin with two white metal Wheels and a two different white metal Barrels (medium or heavy). One Massive Specialised Field Gun Kit. Suitable for use with any Othari Army.  Assembly Required. Go HERE.

57500 Othari Gun Crew
The gunners of the Otharmann are poor by the standards of the rest of Valon but they are plentiful and make good use of their Barking Dog Cannons.  Limber Beasts are expensive so slaves pull the guns into position.  This pack contains an entire Othari Gun Crew of seven 28mm scale white metal miniatures.  An Officer, Rammer, Ball carrier, Spike, Water Carrier and two slaves.  You can add ropes to the slaves or use thread or metal wire (not supplied).  Supplied with resin cartouche style bases.  Go HERE.

Lastly if you are looking to get an entire Otharmann division onto the battlefield for Slaughterloo then look no further than the now updated divisional army pack (DAP) as detailed here.  Now with extra value!

57401 Otharmann Aegypt Division
An Othari Division that fights in the dry lands of Aegypt against the Ferach Empire. Players of Slaughterloo or those wishing to make a saving to get a big collection in one go will find excellence here. Save Approx 20% off list prices on this Division! An Entire Slaughterloo Division in a box.  Go HERE.

1 Unit of 20 Janissaries Aegypt (57501-U)
1 Unit of 20 Household Warrior Spears (57505-U)
1 Unit of 20 Janissaries Empyre (57502-U)
1 Unit of 36 AL-HAZRAD Militia (57508-U)
1 Unit of 12 Household Warriors (Musket) Light Infantry with Matchloques (57506-U)
1 Unit of 10 Othari Cavalry on Gnolls (57511-U)
1 Medium Barking Dog (Medium Iron Cannon with 7 Crew) (57500, 57500A)
1 Mounted Othari General (57004)
11 Cavalry Bases 95 Infantry Bases

All Hail the Sultan! Thanks for Reading.


Thursday, 31 August 2017

TOR7 The Snake Pit version 2017 released!

The last release of the month at Alternative Armies is a classic updated.  Adding to the Torture Chamber 28mm range from the 1980's we have the seventh code in the line up.  It is not quite the original though as, due to mold loss, we did not have all the parts of the original model to re-master. So this new '2017' version is close to the original, fits in well, and is now in white metal and resin. Go HERE to see the whole range or read or for more.  Oh and it is censored so if you wish to see the original images please visit the website.

TOR7 The Snake Pit 2017
This pack contains the following pieces.  A resin stone pit which is about 30mm across and features chains and snakes.  A semi-nude female captive which can be used on its own or in the pit; fitting into the snakes and chains. This is not the original 1980's code but a close new sculpt in 2017 by Sam Croes which fits right into the range. 

The Pit on its own
Scale shot with FL13 and FL14 Adventurers
The Torture Chamber miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Select your choice from the product menu on our website's pages. Choose from a pack or three packs with a 10% saving applied. You can also choose to purchase poses or parts from the packs as shown on their own. Go HERE.

The Torture Chamber Collection.  This classic Asgard range from the 1980's is being brought back to the world at the rate of a code or two a month by Alternative Armies.  Excellent for roleplay, dungeon crawl, dioramas and wargaming you can purchase the packs or parts of them if you just want some of the furniture or the people from them.  We have so far the following.  The Whipping Beam, The Cage, The Rack, The Branding Iron and The High Inquisitor on Thone.  There will be more in September.  Excellent stuff.  Go HERE to see them all.

Remember to check out our Weekly Deals which are 20% off three different randomly selected codes. One Flintloque, one High Fantasy and one 15mm scale.  Twenty percent off for seven days of all options for that code.  The deals changed every Monday.  Have a look HERE.

Thanks for Reading,


Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Von Mohnblume Pug Dogmen released with free article for Flintloque!

Now on general release the Pug Dogmen of the Von Mohlblume Line!  All of the pre-orders are on their way around the world and thank you.  A brand new faction beginning in Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Allies of the Ostarian Empire and enemies of the Elves of Mordred these diminutive soldiers are great alongside your other Dogmen or in the service of the Confederation of Finklestein. Go HERE to see them or continue on to see our studio painted set plus download the free Uniformation article with statistics and more for play.  This is our last release for the World of Valon this month.

56595 Von Mohlblume Line
This set contains 28mm white metal miniatures including an officer with Sword and Pistol, Musician with Drum, Sergeant with Pike, Standard Bearer and four different poses of Dogmen all with muskets.  Dwarf sized 'Pug' type Dogmen standing around 23mm tall.  A small dutchy within the Empire of Ostaria and in the service of the mad Emperor Klaffenhund.  Or you can use them to portray any one of the multitude of tiny stattes in the Confederation of Finklestein.  You can choose from a skirmish pack of ten miniatures (all eight poses with two additional random trooper poses), a unit of twenty miniatures (the skirmish pack with ten additional mixed trooper poses and a small saving) and single miniature choice booster for additional trooper poses.  Sculpted by Rob Alderman. Go HERE.

We have a free Uniformation article for you to download from our Dropbox by clicking HERE.  Enjoy the read and then use the given statistics to add the Von Mohlblume to your games.  Thanks!

Here is a scale shot alongside the Elf and Ogre from the beginner set for Flintloque the awesome 5024 Escape the Dark Czar.  As you can see the Elf is 28mm tall and the Ogre is 40mm tall with the Pug Dogman at about 23mm tall.

Above are more images of the eight new poses of 28mm scale miniatures which are from other angles.

Remember to check out our Weekly Deals which are 20% off three different randomly selected codes. One Flintloque, one High Fantasy and one 15mm scale.  Twenty percent off for seven days of all options for that code.  The deals changed every Monday.  Have a look HERE.

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