Wednesday, 21 September 2016

DarkeStorme 28mm Fantasy rules now a paid for digital download!

Thanks for taking the time to come to this article for this is a first for Alternative Armies and for me too. DarkeStorme our high fantasy skirmish level wargame rules is now on our website as a paid for digital download. It is excellent value containing the book, the book covers, a folder of add on files and as a bonus the scenarios of 'Murder at Innstadde' are there for free too. All for just 6.00GBP. It works with any 28mm fantasy miniatures including our own extensive range of fantasy miniatures. We will be basing our choice as to future digital downloads of our books such as Erin, Typhon and Flintloque on wargamers reaction to this release. If you all like it then we will put more books up in this manner. Go HERE or read on for more. 

The process of purchasing a digital download from the Alternative Armies website is straight forward and works as follows. Any product which has the digital downloads sticker on it is purchased as normal into the shopping cart and then through to checkout. During checkout and once purchase is made your will get an order number and a receipt. If your order contains any digital downloads there will be a box displayed on the screen where your digital book will appear once it is loaded in (this can take a minute or so for large files) with a button to click to download it. You will also get the download link in your email as well. The purchased download is now yours and can be downloaded up to five times. But do not worry for as long as you can email us your order number at any future date we will manually send you the files by link reply.

Read on for more information or go to our website HERE

‘The Darke Age’ 
The Third Age of Valon 

The World of Valon continues to grow and deepen. The clash of sword and the nimbus of Magicke energy joined the time of muskets and cannon; The Third Age of Valon was born. DarkeStorme the Skirmish allows you to skirmish in the times before Flintloque when Wylde Magicke ruled Valon. DarkeStorme is a skirmish tabletop game in a time of Fantasy and High Adventure. Its aim is to provide a number of players with a generic fun game that is scenario driven. Within DarkeStorme are Characters and units that can be developed and a rules engine that allows a good sized scenario to be played in two hours. 

The DarkeStorme Rules use 2D6, a couple of six sided dice that all players of games will recognise for easy play. The game is designed to avoid argument and is simple in its execution without the need for reams of text on vague rules points. To avoid the need for costly and additional rules all sections dealing with Monsters, Magicke, Cavalry, Artillery, Chariots and a full Racial and Bestiary System are included here. Even a full Points System allowing any creature to be created and included in your games. As always any questions, comments and suggestions can be sent to us here at Alternative Armies and we will do our best to assist in all queries. 

There is an independent review of DarkeStorme high fantasy 28mm skirmish level rule system over on Chris Walkley's blog Conflict Cornucopia. You can read it HERE. DarkeStorme dates from 2010 in its current form and 2005 in its very first edition. 

Alternative Armies has a large range of excellent high fantasy miniatures which you can see on our website all under the High Fantasy menu tag at the top of the front page. We have Monsters, we have the Undead, we have Dwarves as well as Orcs and Goblins plus many more. We also have a ruddy excellent Giant Troll and Dwarven Golem which suit DarkeStorme perfectly. 

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Friday, 16 September 2016

Montagna Bucati Todoroni are Flintloque release for September 2016!

Welcome to the figure release for Flintloque and Slaughterloo for September 2016. It is a new light infantry unit set of Nepolise Todoroni now added to the Todoroni Army in the service of the tyrant Emperor Mordred.  These are mountain troops who are equipped to fight in the high heights but they have a bit of a problem...they like to drink too much wine!  To that end we present the drunken veteran Todoroni of the mountains and further more every order for them (single miniature or unit) will automatically get a free sprue of wine glasses (BS018 worth 1.20GBP) included until the end of the month!  Go HERE or read on.

56593 Montagna Bucati
This code contains white metal 28mm scale miniatures in varying amounts depending on your choice of pack. Taken from six different poses. Drunken but talented Todoroni light infantry who are in the service of the Ferach Empire.  Dressed in light infantry Nepolise uniforms and carrying not only their weapons but also coils of rope to aid in climbing there is an officer chewing on a cigar with his hand on his sword hilt, a musician with bugle and a rifle, a sergeant lashing out with a mountaineering pick and holding a rifle.  Then three poses of Todoroni troopers the first staggering drunkenly with eyes half closed, the second firing his rifle and the third advancing with rifle.  They are armed with Standard Rifles as per the Flintloque rules.  This is a great skirmish set packed with character.

This set is available in several choices.  These are the Unit Pack (12 Miniatures) containing six different poses plus six additional random troopers and the booster which contains one random trooper with rifle.  These options can also be selected as Pro-Painted and Based all using the drop down menu on the product page.  These miniatures are supplied with 25mm square resin cartouche bases.  Manufactured in Scotland.  Go HERE.

There are a huge number of free PDF files for Flintloque and Slaughterloo plus the rest of our game systems and while we can send you a list of them to choose from if you email us on and ask today we present a brand new addition.  Now in our dropbox and can be downloaded by clicking HERE we present 'Uniformation Montagna Bucati' PDF which contains background and rules for Flintloque and for Slaughterloo plus more.  Enjoy!

Alternative Armies has Daily Deals and a Weekly Flintloque Deal too.  Each day we have a different code from anywhere across our vast ranges at a sizeable discount off list price and this changes every twenty four hours.  Every week we offer a different core Flintloque / Slaughterloo code at 25% off normal prices and this covers all options; pack, unit, single trooper, pro-painted as well.  Click on the links to see what is current!

We hope you like this month's Flintloque release which was sculpted by Elton Waters and is packed with ruddy excellent little touches and a fine addition to any Ferach Armee.  Enjoy the free sprue of wine glasses!

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

VNT5 28mm Demonic Tree now in resin and on offer!

The team at Alternative Armies has re-molded our Tree Demon into high quality grey tone resin rather than white metal which has resulted in a long term price reduction and a 15% off offer which is online now until the end of the month. Go HERE or read on for more. 

“If you go down to the woods today you better go with some allies. Its no picnic in the Darkling woods my fellows. Centuries ago a wicked mage lived in those woods the kind of magic wielder who would turn you to stone just for looking in his direction. A really nasty piece of work that got his powers from the planes of unreality. But he met a good end at sword tip delivered by a band of mercenaries that were hired for the job. The rub though is that upon his end the mage detonated in a rush of rainbow magic that spread out through the forest. By the time those hired swords were making for the edges of the woods there were dozens of demonically possessed trees chasing them. Yes, trees with evil spirits can move and move fast. Grabbing at you with long sharp wooden fingers and chewing you with bark fused teeth. If your going down to to the woods today...leave me out of it.” 

This code contains one 28mm resin monster approx 40mm in height which is made up of three pieces (body, left arm, right arm). Great quality, great choice and great value too. Go HERE. Poses in this code are as follows: 

VNT5-01: Demonic Tree of possessed wood 

The miniature is not supplied with a base and is supplied unpainted. Select your choice from the drop down product menu. Choose from a pack or three packs with a 10% saving applied. 

We have other monsters in 28mm including the massive and mighty OH31 Durzum Dwarf Killer our giant troll which stands over 100mm tall and comes with a free Orc veteran warrior too. See them all HERE

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Monday, 12 September 2016

Mountain Giant released in 28mm SHM Range

Now released at Alternative Armies into the growing 28mm SHM Fantasy range is the Mountain Giant sculpted by Greg Saunders. Added to the Demonologist Set, the Vivaki Hunger Bird, the Vaspari Pit Demon and the Beastial Cyclopes this traditional celtic style giant is a fitting addition. Go HERE or read on for more information. 

‘Sometimes the wild Mountain Giants come down from the craggy peaks and wreak havoc on the land. No one is sure why, so folks thinks it’s a rite of passage, others simply that they get bored. Whatever the reason, you want to be far away when they do come. They aren’t clever but they can copy what civilised people do, and often fashion scraps of clothing, armour and weapons out of things they find. They may not be the largest of giants, a when something swings a tree-trunk topped with a lump of stone at you, you’d best get out of the way.’ 

SHM92 Mountain Giant 
Slow witted but very hard to stop this is a fine addition to your 28mm fantasy collection. This code contains one white metal single piece miniature. The giant stands about 45mm tall and is armed with a long two handed stone topped club. Suitable for use in 28mm scale and in 15mm scale if you wish too. This code is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Images show the miniature from different angles and also alongside a 28mm scale miniature (28mm tall). Pictured on a 50mm square base (not supplied). 6.00GBP. Go HERE

Remember Alternative Armies has a huge classic range of 28mm fantasy miniatures including Dwarves, Undead, Orcs and Goblins, Monsters, Barbarians, Torture Chamber and of course the Ganesha Games fantasy line too. Click on the links to be taken to those pages.

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Eight New Bits and Sprues codes 28mm accessories released!

Alternative Armies is delighted to expand the Bits & Sprues range of 28mm white metal accessories with eight more codes! Adding to the eleven sprues already in the range we now have even more options for you to add to your miniatures. Personalise your Flintloque miniatures or any other 28mm black powder or 18th century figures to make them a little bit more special. Go HERE to see the full range of our accessories or read on for full details. 

The Bits & Sprues range already has Pastry Pies, Exotic Fruit, Tankards, Black Powder Guns I, Perkussion Guns I, Perkussion Guns II, Feathers, Cooked Fish, Cooked Meat, Roasted Dodo Legs (yes!) and Carrots. Diverse and suited to all the armies of Valon or a black powder setting. They are all on the same page and now here are the new sprues. See them HERE

BS12 Artillery Crew Gear. Four different pieces on a sprue 28mm white metal. The implements of any artillery crew, a bucket, a match, a powder scooper and a rammer. This sprue adds variety to your miniatures if you are playing Flintloque, Slaughterloo or any other 28mm wargame system. Easy to add to characters or dioramas and easy to paint up too. 2.00GBP 

BS13 Drum and Standard. Two different pieces on a sprue 28mm white metal. All formations need a standard bearer and drummer use these two pieces for your drum and standard. This sprue adds variety to your miniatures if you are playing Flintloque, Slaughterloo or any other 28mm wargame system. Easy to add to characters or dioramas and easy to paint up too. 1.20GBP 

BS14 Pistols and Swords. Three different pieces on a sprue 28mm white metal. A civilian pattern firelock pistol, a scabbarded sword and a heavier military firelock pistol. This sprue adds variety to your miniatures if you are playing Flintloque, Slaughterloo or any other 28mm wargame system. Easy to add to characters or dioramas and easy to paint up too. 1.20GBP 

BS15 Canteens. Three different pieces on a sprue 28mm white metal. A leather canteen, a metallic canteen and a wooden round canteen. This sprue adds variety to your miniatures if you are playing Flintloque, Slaughterloo or any other 28mm wargame system. Easy to add to characters or dioramas and easy to paint up too. 1.20GBP 

BS16 Veg and Fruit. Three different pieces on a sprue 28mm white metal. A lovely cabbage, a bowl of cherries and a trio of juicy apples. This sprue adds variety to your miniatures if you are playing Flintloque, Slaughterloo or any other 28mm wargame system. Easy to add to characters or dioramas and easy to paint up too. 1.20GBP 

BS17 Glass Bottles. Four different pieces on a sprue 28mm white metal. Glass bottles for booze! A rectangular bottle, a wide bottomed bottle, a course round bottle and a more delicate spirit bottle. This sprue adds variety to your miniatures if you are playing Flintloque, Slaughterloo or any other 28mm wargame system. Easy to add to characters or dioramas and easy to paint up too. 1.20GBP 

BS18 Wine Glasses. Four different pieces on a sprue 28mm white metal. For your table or your camp set. Two thin stemmed wine glasses, one taller wine glass and one shorter wider glass. This sprue adds variety to your miniatures if you are playing Flintloque, Slaughterloo or any other 28mm wargame system. Easy to add to characters or dioramas and easy to paint up too. 1.20GBP 

BS19 Maps and Papers. Four different pieces on a sprue 28mm white metal. For your table or your camp set or mounted explorer. Equally happy as maps or broadsheet newspapers two rolled papers, one tightly folded paper and one large map folded. This sprue adds variety to your miniatures if you are playing Flintloque, Slaughterloo or any other 28mm wargame system. Easy to add to characters or dioramas and easy to paint up too. 1.20GBP 

See them all HERE

Thanks for your attention and we hope you enjoy these new accessories releases. Later this month we have further releases which include our dedicated Flintloque and Slaughterloo release for the month which will add to the Todoroni of Nepolise and give you good use for the new Glass Bottles and Wine Glasses! More on this at the time. 

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Friday, 2 September 2016

In Stock Pro-Painted 28mm Miniatures Update September 2016!

Alternative Armies is known for its large 28mm miniature ranges including Flintloque, High Fantasy, Erin plus now Ganesha Games and others but did you know (many already do) that we produce many thousands of pro-painted to a high tabletop standard miniatures ready for immediate use from those ranges every year? We do. Our team of talented ladies with many campaigning years of experience right here in Scotland take our miniatures and finish them for use right on your tabletop. For a price that is fantastic which includes everything; the miniature itself, its pro-painting, sealing and its base plus scenic basing effect. 

While the majority of these high tabletop standard painted miniatures are destined for regular customers worldwide we do have in stock singles, packs and units on dedicated pages of our website. 

Our ready to ship stock of pro-painted miniatures has been updated! Have a look choosing from the links below for the genre that interests you. We ship several times a week internationally. 

Our growing range of classic High Fantasy miniatures re-molded and re-released here we offer our stock of them pro-painted in packs and as singles. Now we also have the Hammer & Forge line from Ganesha Games manufactured by Alternative Armies in stock too! 

Here you will see our in stock Flintloque and Slaughterloo pro-painted miniatures. From whole units with flags and standards (added free!) to skirmish packs and then single characters and even limited editions. 

Our smallest category but often home to units of Jacobites, Normans and Samaurai among other things. 

We offer discounts upon larger orders and we often have items not upon the website including Slaughterloo units, Fantasy warbands and more. It is worth asking us if you plan a large campaign. Email us on stating your interest 'Painted Miniatures' and see what we can offer you. 

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Free Worldwide Postage until Tuesday 30th August!

It is the high summer Bank Holiday Weekend here in the UK and in celebration of a short holiday in the sun the three pillars of wargaming excellent called Alternative Armies, and The Ion Age are having a free postage on all orders event!  Four days of free postage fun!

From now until 9am GMT Tuesday 30th August 2016 we are having a free worldwide postage on all orders over 10.00GBP in product value!  This applies to our three websites and all our 6mm, 15mm and 28mm miniatures and game systems in fact everything on our websites you can put in your cart (not downloads).  All you need to do is add to the cart and the website will do the rest.  Click on the links to go to each site.  As many orders as you like to anywhere in the world.  Remember that any special offers that are currently running are included in this promotion.

So if you like Flintloque, High Fantasy, Ganesha Games and other 28mm scale ranges such as Grinning Skull and Asgard check out Alternative Armies.  

If you like 15mm scale including HOT Fantasy, HOB 15mm Fantasy Buildings, Sengoku Japanese Fantasy, TTF Fantasy, HOF Science Fiction, Laserburn, Altuos Renaissance, Pony Wars and ACW, Isarus Dark Age, Medus Medieval along with 6mm sci-fi and a lot more go to  

Space Opera science fiction wargamers should look to the unique range and setting of The Ion Age for excellent 15mm and 28mm miniatures, vehicles and rule systems.  Excellent!

Combining Orders
Our three websites are having a free postage event.  If you place an order for more then ten pounds (10.00GBP) the shopping cart will automatically give you free shipping worldwide. While the vast majority of wargamers are happy to place orders in this way we know that some of you would like to place a combined order by email and receive a paypal invoice to pay.  This is totally fine with us and here is what to do for a combined order by email.  Firstly choose your point of contact.  Is it Alternative Armies, or The Ion Age?  Choose one and email us on, or  Make your email title 'combined order' and give us your name, your shipping address, your paypal email address and a list of codes and quantities that you want to order from across our ranges.  We will then reply with a total and a paypal invoice.  You will get a free monthly miniature if you have Ion Age codes and you will get any other items offered free if applicable from the other websites if you have codes from its ranges in your order.  We typically reply quickly but be assured you WILL NOT miss the free postage on your combined order as we will honour it as long as your email comes in to us before the offer ends.

Thanks and enjoy the event!

Gavin Syme (GBS)